Video: Plant-based, vegan fine-dining restaurants around the world you need to know about!

We have all heard—and seen—the rampant opening of vegan fast-food and fast-casual over the last several years, but harder to come by is truly upscale plant-based fine dining. (This is one of the reasons we created PlantBasedPopUp!)

To help motivate your #travelgoals for 2020, we are sharing some of the best vegan high-end sophisticated dining. From a gem in our own backyard in LA, Plant Food + Wine in Venice, to the more unexpected corners of the world, you will be pleasantly surprised by the places that are home to some of the best vegan dining. Also, many of these restaurants also have strong beverage programs and offer multi-course meals with wine pairings. This list was curated by LIVKINDLY, an authority on all-things-veg. See below or watch the video above. Enjoy!

  • The Ravens, Mendocino, California.

  • Stem + Glory, London, UK.

  • Avant Garden, New York City, New York.

  • Casa Planta, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

  • Kopps, Berlin, Germany.

  • Planta, Toronto, Canada.

  • Paperbark, Sydney, Australia.

  • Browns Bonds Hill, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

  • Sprig and Vine, New Hope, Pennsylvania.

  • 416, Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Plant, Food + Wine, Venice Beach, California.

  • Växthuset, Stockholm, Sweden.


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