Best Vegan-Friendly Fine-Dining Restaurants in LA

We've all seen the rampant ramp-up of vegan fast food. From Monty’s to Plant Power to Doomie's, there are tons of great options. But an upscale dining experience with plant-centric options can be harder to come by. Recently, PlantBasedPopUp Founder Anna Keeve did a roundup for VegOut LA, highlighting some of the best vegan dining the city has to offer.

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A few of the highlighted restaurants are below, then make sure to read the VegOut LA article for the full list and more details.

Beauty & ESSEX


Many people might be surprised to learn that this beautiful upscale hotspot as a lot of delicious vegan options—and its own separate vegan menu. With sophisticated décor and impeccable style, the ambiance will make you feel like royalty as you sip on an expertly made cocktail.

Plant Food + Wine


This is a 100% plant-based restaurant with indoor seating and a beautiful outdoor patio to relax and dine. Their obsession with quality food made from scratch has now seeped into their wine. They recently launched private-label wines by Plant Food + Wine’s chef, owner and restaurateur Matthew Kenney, which is now served across all of its New York and California restaurants. The wines are all natural and vegan, so make sure to try a few as you dine. (Curious about what makes wine not vegan? Checkout this article that explains, here.)


West Hollywood

Craig’s is known for its classic, old-school Hollywood glam vibe where celebrities often dine. They have meat and veggie options, with a separate vegan section with all the Italian classics. It's a perfect spot if your looking for some high-class comfort Italian food and good wine.

Bella Vista

Santa Barbara

If you are doing day trip or weekend up to Santa Barbara and want some beach-front veg-friendly dining, visit the Bella Vista at The Four Seasons, The Biltmore. They recently launched a new menu with many plant-based items created in partnership with chef and wellness coach Leslie Durso.

See more vegan-friendly upscale restaurants in LA and details in the article in VegOut LA.


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Read the full story and see all the featured restaurants here:

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