Coachella may be over…but here’s how to get their standout vegan eats now

It seems­­ that each year Coachella is turning into a food festival almost as much as it is a music festival. This year the plant-based offerings dominated, and the food did not disappoint. This is no surprise considering Coachella hired the producers of plant-based food and drink festival, Eat Drink Vegan (EDV), to curate the food and vendors. PlantBasedPopUp’s founder and Chief Experience Officer, Anna Keeve, was interviewed for LIVEKINDLY’s “Ultimate Guide To A Vegan Coachella” about the insurgence of veg food. “Over the last several years, more and more vegan food companies have been populating the Coachella food lineup,” said Keeve. “This is good news for the veg-minded consumer, and also an important way to introduce people to the delicious plant-based food that they may not have been seeking.” (More in the full article here.)

Coachella might be over, but the good news is you can get your hands on some of the vegan food that graced the desert.


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen is a decadent ice cream company known for their ample selection of creamy vegan options. They returned to Coachella this year dishing out all sorts of tasty flavors all served up in their freshly made ­cones. Don't fret. You can get your sweet-treat fix at one of their 20 locations in LA and New York, OR buy online; they ship anywhere nationwide! Our favorite? The Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Sandwich a scoop between San Diego-based Maya's Cookies, (who also delivers nationwide) for an out-of-this-world dessert. Bring this combo to the next dinner party you are invited to and you will be the party hero.

JUST + The Herbivores Daughter

JUST is a food technology startup that makes plant-based mayo, killer cookie dough and a recently ​​introduced ‘egg’ product. In partnership with Minneapolis-based The Herbivorous Butcher, they created a Just Scramble burrito that was a hit at Coachella. While you might not be going to Minneapolis anytime soon to experience The Herbivores Daughter’s JUST egg dishes, you can recreate your own or visit other restaurants using JUST egg: It's available at select food retailers nationwide, you can order online, or find it in dishes at a restaurant near you (like Veggie Grill, Crossroads Kitchen and Breakfast Republic to name a few).

Monty’s Good Burger

This burger spot was born from a love for the Impossible burger which is the exclusive patty that powers this Los Angeles Koreatown hotspot. It was Monty’s debut at Coachella this year, but the good news is their burgers are not too tough to recreate on your own. You can’t buy the Impossible patty in grocery stores (yet), but the Beyond Burger is the closest thing you might find to a meat-inspired patty for some home cooking. Also, Monty’s fixes its burger with ‘cheese’ and Vegenaise® from Follow Your Heart®; both products have wide distribution through chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s so you can easily pick them up. They also serve their burgers with a side of tater to finish off your at-home Monty’s experience, pair your veggie burger with Alexia’s sweet potato puffs (aka tater tots) found at your neighborhood market.


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