Where is PlantBasedPopUp’s fine dining vegan dinner experience heading next?

PlantBasedPopUp just wrapped the second culinary event in its dinner and wine ‘Summer Series.’

[Check out coverage from the event on PlantBasedPopUp’s Instagram Highlight.]

The latest PlantBasedPopUp at the highly regarded Herb & Wood restaurant in Little Italy was recently named “Best Restaurant” by San Diego Magazine and is known for its elevated dining powered by celebrity chef Brian Malarkey. The sold out PlantBasedPopUp event featured a four-course meal, completed with biodynamic wine pairings hand selected by Herb & Wood’s Level III Sommelier Brandon Lervold who imparted wine education in between each course. Chef Derrick also made an appearance on behalf of the team of Herb & Wood chefs to talk about the preparation of each plant-based dish and reiterate the focus on locally-sourced sustainable produce.

So where is PlantBasedPopUp headed next? Well a few places, including a well known San Diego gem in Del Mar.

PlantBasedPopUp locations are based on demand: people that subscribe to receive dinner invites include their zip code, and the number of miles they are willing to travel for the event. This way, dinners are scheduled around where subscribers are.

The upcoming dinners are underway in San Diego and Los Angeles. If you are not already subscribed, you can get on the dinner party invite list here.

About PlantBasedPopUp

PlantBasedPopUp partners with top and trendy fine-dining restaurants, challenging chefs to make an animal-free multi-course meal. You won’t find PlantBasedPopUp at “vegan” restaurants, but rather partnering up with restaurants that are willing to demonstrate that they are veg-friendly, and helping to fuel what PlantBasedPopUp calls “inclusive dining.” The events are not broadcasted across the web since only PlantBasedPopUp subscribers are invited to attend via a text message, with a private link to RSVP that goes out two weeks before the dinner.

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