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There are many benefits of PlantBasedPopUp (PBP) hosting an event at your dining establishment. But we don't pop-up just anywhere... send us an inquiry below and we are happy to discuss and see if it's the right fit. 


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Don't take our word for it... 

San Diego Business Journal profiled PlantBasedPopUp (PBP) in a recent news article. Hospitality reporter Mariel Concepcion uncovers what all the buzz is about, and highlights the benefits for restaurants that partner with PBP. 


Read the story, HERE. 



An excerpt from the article: 

Carl Winston, director of the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at San Diego State University, said pop-ups are a good business for a number of reasons, including fitting into the experience economy.

“We are in this experience economy where we like to collect memories and one-off experiences,” he said, adding that it also fits well with the sharing economy. “It gives existing patrons a new reason to come and gives new patrons something new to look forward to. It’s different from going to the usual favorite spot because this is a unique thing that is kind of in fashion right now."