behind the scene.

Project 01

name: anna keeve

byline: founder / chief experience officer 

favorite food: cashew nut cheese quesadilla 

hometown: culver city, california

 Growing up in Los Angeles, Anna was exposed to nut-based milks and plant proteins before there were many on the market, and has continued to closely follow the expanding array of plant-based products and establishments. Over time, Anna noticed that plant-based eaters such as herself were missing out on curated food and wine dinners because they generally tend to focus on meat and dairy products. With PlantBasedPopUp, Anna strives to fuel plant-based, vegan, and other non-animal consuming lifestyles through reinterpreting the traditional food and wine dinner experience. The mission of PlantBasedPopUp is to provide unforgettable plant-based food and wine dining experiences at trendy restaurants that people adore, but where they normally may have limited plant-based options. Chefs are inspired to conceptualize and create plant-based dishes and are encouraged to add more dedicated "V" items to their standard menus. PlantBasedPopUp brings people of all food backgrounds together to truly experience plants in their finest culinary element. Anna shares insights from the PlantBasedPopUp "voice" on the blog HERE. She is also a contributing author to LOCALE Magazine, LA Progressive and other publications providing insights and trends around plant-based food and vegan living. Anna holds a degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University and is certified (from eCornell University) in plant-based nutrition.

name: chelsea bartholow

byline: plant-based food curator 

favorite food: artichoke hearts and cashew cream spinach dip

hometown: san diego, california

Chelsea is the foodie friend you wish you had. With a background managing catering businesses and a reputation for throwing phenomenal dinner parties, Chelsea has been experimenting with food flavor profiles and refining her palette for over a decade. As a mother of three, Chelsea's focus upon her family's health ignited her passion for plant-based foods, and now everyone in her world can't get enough of her vegan creations, which are shared on her addictive blog. At PlantBasedPopUp, Chelsea works with our partner chefs and restaurants to oversee menu creation, helping ensure that PlantBasedPopUp delivers unforgettable culinary experiences.